Aerial PV Inspection Unleash solar potential with innovative aerial insight solutions! Hummingdrone offers cutting-edge autonomous drones and software solutions tailored for the solar energy sector. Our drones, equipped with thermal and high-resolution cameras, revolutionize solar facility management. Our advanced INSPECT platform provides streamlined maintenance and optimized performance, driving economic growth in the energy industry. Experience the future of solar energy transformation with Hummingdrone's unique imaging and analysis solutions.
What We Offer?
Digital Twin Utilizing thermal and EO equipped drones, we forge the digital counterpart of solar energy assets, meticulously extracting the digital representation of each individual panel and string.
Anomaly Detection We identify anomalous panels and strings with a success rate of 99%.
Automatic Classification We automatically classify malfunction and anomaly types using our advanced artificial intelligence software, then all that's left is to fix these issues.
Increased Efficiency Through actionable technical reports, we expedite the process of fault detection and maintenance, thereby facilitating a reduction in the investment's payback period.
Potential Beneficiaries
Solar Asset Owners Solar asset owners can monitor their assets with our inspection solution and increase the asset performance.
EPCs Supervise and verify your installations and designs while reducing maintenance costs.
O&M and Asset Management Accomplish more with fewer resources and achieve high efficiency. Reduce your maintenance costs.
OEMs Inspect your products and validate warranty claims.
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