Hummingdrone endüstriyel ihtiyaçlar için tam otonom dronlar tasarlar ve üretir. Sektörel ihtiyaçlara göre yazılımsal ve donanımsal özelleştirmeler sunar. Bunun yanı sıra bireysel kullanıma yönelik akıllı dronlarıyla da kullanıcıların kolay ve eğlenceli bir şekilde çekim yapabilmelerini sağlar. Hummingdrone'un hedefi dronların endüstriyel ve bireysel kullanımlarını daha pratik, verimli, güvenilir ve kararlı hale getirmektir.


Hummingdrone develops data driven, self-flying drone solutions for business and entertainment purposes.  We are mainly working on third wave industrial drones that can be customized with software and hardware packages to resolve sectoral needs. Inspection, surveying, mapping, security and emergency response services are the applications available in the industries like construction, agriculture and energy (solar farms, wind turbines and gas piping systems).
In addition, we also intend to use the drones in humanitarian operations such as search & rescue and logistics of emergency needs.
Another product type that we are working on is a semi-autonomous consumer drone, which can be controlled using a smartphone, for taking photos and videos. It is a small, easy and fun to use selfie drone with some thrilling software properties.
Also in the future, we aim to scale up our services to carry out operations like drone package delivery, environmental cleaning and more.
Our purpose as Hummingdrone is to design drones that are more robust, reliable, efficient and practical so the drones fulfill their enormous economic and social potentials.

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