Aerial PV Inspection Unleash solar potential with innovative aerial insight solutions! Hummingdrone transforms the solar plant management through innovative aerial insight solutions. By developing cutting-edge PV system inspection services, we empower all stakeholders – solar asset owners, EPCs, O&M and asset managers, and OEMs – to optimize their solar power generation with data-driven decision making while mitigating risks and increasing ROI.
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Experience the future of solar energy management
What We Offer
Digital Twin We meticulously extract the digital representation of each individual panel and string, utilizing images from our thermal equipped drones.
Automated Anomaly Detection We automatically detect anomalies and classify malfunction and anomaly types using our advanced artificial intelligence software with a success rate of 99%.
Increased Efficiency Through actionable technical reports of INSPECT, we expedite the process of fault detection and maintenance, optimize solar power generation, thereby increase ROI.
Unwavering Domain Expertise Throughout the inspection process, we extend our commitment beyond the partnership and leverage our expertise to maximize return.
No installation, no integration!
Unlock your solar energy potential without any installation or integration!
How You Benefit
Solar Asset Owners
  • Maintain high service partner quality including EPCs and O&Ms by tracking health and performance of solar assets
  • Take analysis-driven action to prolong operational life of your assets and maximize production
  • Improve operational efficiency and agility for peak performance, thereby reduce operational costs and increase ROI
  • Ensure proper installation of solar panels by tracking the quality of work
  • Validate OEM quality through data analysis
  • Improve early problem identification, proactively intervene, and minimize post-commissioning risks to avoid costly rework
  • Expedite punch list completion, deliver high quality projects, and enhance reliability
O&Ms and Asset Managers
  • Achieve high efficiency by in-field navigation and increase skilled workforce productivity
  • Reduce operational costs by task prioritization and resource optimization, thereby maximize profitability
  • Gain easy access to portfolio management
  • Leverage data insight to validate performance record
  • Inspect product performance and production quality in real-world conditions
  • Identify development opportunities for future product, and optimize processes and product design
  • Enhance customer experience by streamlining warranty processes, and improving after-sales service
  • Gain a competitive edge through product reliability, fostering long-term customer trust
Our Solutions
Anomaly Mapping
Anomaly Mapping By leveraging anomaly mapping, we equip maintenance personnel visual insights into problem identification and system location, thereby accelerating maintenance and repair processes and enhancing operational efficiency.
Anomaly Mapping
Impact Calculation In the light of data streamlined automatically by INSPECT, we unveil the overall health and performance of solar power plants and the annual cost incurred due to undetected anomalies and potential refinement, providing our stakeholders with a decision support system for optimization.
Anomaly Mapping
Anomaly Type Detection By detecting and classifying anomalies with 99% accuracy, we pinpoint areas that require focus and intervention for potential risks, creating opportunities for effective maintenance process and team management.
Anomaly Mapping
Root Cause Detection With our authentic AI capabilities, we uncover the source of the anomalies, paving a way to formulate long-term, effective maintenance strategies by identifying actionable remediation opportunities and prioritizing tasks.
Harness the power of artificial intelligence with Hummingdrone's cutting-edge INSPECT and transcend the ordinary.
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